Nope! We make sure that language does not create any barriers during our programs. 

In the case of non-English speaking groups, we can organise for a translator. 

India is by and large a safe country! To ensure the safety of our participants, members of our team are available as chaperones and will be there for you 24/7 for any assistance.

Although the megacities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore have something for everyone, there are plenty of cities that can cater to your topic of interest. 

Here are our suggestions: For fashion and handicrafts- Jaipur, for history and architecture- Agra, for religion and peace- Amritsar, for yoga and spirituality- Pondicherry.

We certainly can! Our programs are suited for everyone who is interested in India

Although we recommend 2 – 4 weeks in India, there is no such restriction. Since all our programs are completely customizable for participating groups, we maintain flexibility.

We have experience in handling groups of upto 40 participants on a single program.

There is no such requirement; we are ready to welcome anyone who is interested in India

Since we customize our programs to cater to the requirements of participating groups, we do not have a fixed program fee. We prefer engaging with people and understanding what their India objectives are and accordingly designing a program that fits their budget. 

To fix a budget for a program, you can start a discussion with members of our team. Guide to GII