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GO India Initiative provides students, corporate executives and entrepreneurs from across the globe with a plethora of unique experiential learning opportunities in urban and rural India. Our customized short-term immersive programs, ranging from 1 to 6 weeks, are designed to foster cross-cultural understanding, with safety as a top priority.

Vision & Objectives

The vision of the GO India Initiative is to promote globalization, partnership and greater cultural understanding, linking the world and India through experiential learning opportunities provided in a specialized setting, with safety as a top priority.

GO India Initiative aims to bring 3000 international students to India by 2025.

Objectives of the GO India Initiative:

  • To present India to the world as a destination for high quality, sector focused experiences for people from various backgrounds
  • To foster cross cultural understanding in a real-world setting
  • To enable participants to expand their professional and personal network
  • To provide opportunities that will give participants a chance to develop enhanced employability

A Taste of India

  • India is the world’s largest democracy with a population in excess of 1.3 billion people
  • According to IMF and World Bank, India is well positioned to regain the tag ‘World’s fastest growing major economy’ in 2019
  • India has rich culture & history and is home to one of the 7 wonders of the world
  • India has 28 states and 22 official languages
  • There are approximately 850 universities in India, more than any other country in the world

||अतिथि देवो भव ||

‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ mentioned in ancient Hindu scripture became a part of the ‘code of conduct’ for Indian societies. The words translate into ‘A guest must be treated as God’
  • Indians are known for their selfless hospitality and for their strong family values
  • Indian food is known for its exciting flavours and spices
  • Indian attire is known for its fashionable styles and rich colours
  • By and large, Indians work hard to earn a living yet manage to maintain relationships even with distant family members and manage to forget all their worries while enjoying various exciting festivals each year
  • Having the youngest population, the country’s potential for growth is immense

India has

India has so much to offer and we at the GO India Initiative wish to share all of our country’s wonders with you!
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