Special Features

What Makes Us Special

We offer:

Something For Everyone
Students, corporates, entrepreneurs, members of associations or chambers of commerce - everyone who is interested in India!
Short Term Programs
The 2 to 4 week duration of our programs benefit participants who do not have the means or the ability to travel for longer durations. We have mastered the art of encapsulating a lot in a short period of time!
Pan-India Coverage
We do not limit our programs to a particular city or region. Instead, we pick cities and regions based on the themes that are required by the visiting institutions.
Safety First
Members of our team chaperone our visiting groups on all visits and excursions, and reside at the same accommodation as the group to be available 24/7 for any assistance.
A Wide Range Of Programs
We offer thematic programs covering multiple disciplines and sectors, as well as cultural and social programs.
Customized Itineraries
Itineraries can be customized to suit the specific objectives and budgets of our visiting groups.
On-Ground Logistics
Members of our team manage the logistics to ensure that the program runs smoothly and is hassle free for our participants.
360 Degree Understanding
Our participants are given complete exposure to the sector or topic of their choice, through industry visits, sessions with guest speakers, and interactive cultural activities.
We can also support our participating clients who have an objective of raising their institution’s/ organization’s/ association’s profile in India by helping them achieve their objectives and cement symbiotic relationships with their Indian counterparts.